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I'm a programmer that loves problem-solving. I work to create apps that make users' lives simpler, easier, and more efficient.

Growth and continual learning is important to me. I'm most motivated when I apply concepts, tools, and frameworks to improve the world around me.

I mainly work within the Node.js environment (particularly Vue.js), but I am always open to new ideas and solutions.


You can find both personal and professional projects below:

VuePress Blog

A simple blog created using VuePress, a Vue-based static site generator that allows you to manage content in the form of markdown files.

View the blog here.

Student Loan Calculator

An app for estimating the accrual of interest of federal student loans. Created with Vue.js.

The app and source code.

Call Helper

An app that allows financial aid counselors to log detailed calls with a few simple clicks. Created with Vue.js.

The app and source code.


A simple PWA for taking notes. It stores your notes in localStorage, allowing for simple data persistence without server interactions. Created with Vue.js.

The app and source code

Outlook Logo

Outlook Email Automation Project

A PowerShell script that loops through Excel reports to create and send emails to students. Uses .Net COM objects to interface with Excel and Outlook.

Skills & Technologies

Node.js Vue.js Bulma Bootstrap Express.js
JavaScript HTML CSS Python
Soft Skills
Organization Communication Writing Critical Thinking Optimization Innovation Customer Service
VS Code Git NPM Dokku
PostgreSQL Sequelize.js Express.js
Other Skills
Excel PowerQuery CRM

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