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Like Swagger, but for visualizing your dependencies. Powered by Svelte + Cytoscape.js + .NET 6

One time at work, I was assigned a monster of a ticket: migrate the entire codebase away from using Unity and a service locator pattern, to using ASP.NET Core dependency injection.

Over the course of migrating ~115 classes over to using constructor injection, I couldn’t help but imagine class dependencies as one big graph, where each class was a node, and each edge was a dependency being injected into another. Wouldn’t it be cool to visualize such a graph?

I’d known about Cytoscape.js before, and after some thinking, an idea popped into my head: what if we had a page like Swagger, but for displaying a graph of your service collection?

That’s what Graft is - like Swagger, but for visualizing your dependencies. You can find the full project here.

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